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So yeah, that kinda sucked... - Exhaling a Red Soul
...crumpled collapses into the dark
So yeah, that kinda sucked...
You know there are those moments when you see something and a little voice in your head says, "Uh-oh, look at that. You better do something to avert the coming disaster. Quick do it now before it's too late!" And by disasters I'm talking about leaving a drink on the edge of a table, or walking to quickly through a room bare foot that's chockablock with furniture. Stuff like that where that voice gives you the vision of the drink stained carpet, or a curse-inducing stubbed toe. That's what I've been doing with my computer.

Since I got this laptop I've been throwing caution to the wind and shootin' from the hip - I've been surfin' with no security software, at all. Finally the amoebas came home to slog up my machine last week.

Last, what the heck was it, Friday? Maybe it was Saturday. Doesn't much matter anyway. I sent the odd email, did a bit of searching on my current obsession, (ahem) avoided writing as usual. Then I went and had some dinner leaving my precious little beast humming with two programs running. I came back from dinner and a little TV to log back in only to find that there were 17, SEVENTEEN programs running and thought, WTF?

I managed to log in and was treated to a display of about 20 IE (Internet Explorer - AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I should really just uninstall that wicked child now) windows along with some other apparently downloaded and newly installed programs, which I never downloaded and certainly didn't install. I tried to work my magic for five hours that night, which ended at 3 in the AM. I continued for another three hours the next day until finally deciding that enough was enough, I concede, it's time for a format and reinstall.

I managed to back up a couple of neglected files to my Seagate external (looooooooove that thing, actually things. I have two, yay me!) BUT could not do a backup of my Firefox profile. Little damn gremlins somehow prevented me from viewing my Application Data file, so I couldn't figure out how to get to the damn profile. This of course sent me into whinings about my Bookmarks. Specifically my OBA bookmarks. I've spent waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time searching for interesting little articles and pics and amassed a nice, chunky folder filled with gold dust that I could sprinkle on my eyes when I was feeling down - all lost, wraaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! At least that's what I thought.

After going through the format and reinstall there is of course the obligatory installation of other sundry programs that I just can't live without like itunes and Semagic. I think the first thing I had installed was actually Firefox. I refuse to use IE. Of course after that gigantic WASTE OF TIME, I installed Ad-aware and Pc-cillin. Unfortunately I've ended up learning things the hard way, but at least I can be taught.

And now finally for the climax and wondrous part of my story where I can expound on the fan-frickin-tasticness of Firefox. Firefox is a Zarquon frood! (Sorry, just watched Hitchhiker's the other day and Beeblebroxian slang has been swaggering around my head). Especially Firefox paired with Foxmarks. Now I hadn't really paid that much attention to all the hoopy extensions. The only one I used with any kind of regularity was StumbleUpon - super cool! I knew I had set up Foxmarks, but for some reason I thought I had to manually back them up every so often. But I was so happily wrong! Turns out Foxmarks automatically uploads changes to your bookmarks to the server EVERY TIME you make a change to your bookmarks! WHOOPEE! All those lovely little links have been saved. I was about ready to do some back flips when I discovered this. So for the record, Firefox is awesome! If you aren't using it, download now! You won't be sorry.

As to those little malcontents who fucked up my machine. It's amazing what people will waste their time doing. Don't get me wrong, I sort of understand the hacker mentality. I've known a couple, ones who were visited by men in blue suits and dark glasses when they were 15 and asked not to use a computer again. So I get the anti-establishment thing, the challenge of hacking the unhackable thing. But this is frackin' (only six more days to season three!) ridiculous. There are better ways to change the world. In fact they aren't even changing the world, just aggravating it if anything. But never so much aggravation as to actually make any meaningful difference in how people operate other than, damn I shoulda installed that antivirus (although the thought of, "Shit, next time I'm getting a Mac" did cross my mind more than once. This of course is meaningless coming from someone like me who has pined after a Mac for almost ten years). For some of the time I was trying to avert complete hard drive annihilation I have to say I actually enjoyed myself. It was a challenge that I am of course far too ill-equipped to handle. Still I understood what was going on (bastard actually disabled the Task Manager and my Start > Programs, then on top of it hid the executable for System Restore - fucker, but I actually say that with a certain amount of admiration. I know, I'm sick.), I just didn't know how to fix it.

So that is part of the reason why I've posted a whole big bag of nada in the last week.

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